Axel - Made in Meble


I delight in the fun of technological innovation ... In interior design, I primarily look for functional solutions. I love old furniture for its timeless charm but, sadly, it often lacks practicality, the optimization of its capacity with modern add-ons. I am inspired to see something more than just a dark piece of old furniture. Maybe by changing its internal structure or even its basic function. Perhaps the furniture can become a source of light and sound? Or would it be more useful with another function? In other words, I always ask myself: how can I make this piece of furniture more usable? how can we adapt it to our century?

Maybe some of the projects will seem too crazy or too idiosyncratic but - most importantly for me - they must not be bland or indifferent. See you later! Maybe some of the described projects will seem crazy, original, but - and this is the most important for me - they will not remain indifferent. See you later!