Made In Meble, the site of vintage furniture customized by our designers


What does Made in Meble mean?

We transform old furniture into something new. We go beyond renovation and creatively reuse existing furniture to make something  new, original and unique. Simply put we upcycle furniture - giving it a second life and a new place.

In our catalog you will find old furniture, solid with its own history and charm. Sometimes a piece needs a little work to restore its functionality. We go a little further – perhaps a new color or an interior reorganization, new upholstery or new technological upgrades (including accessories printed on a 3D printer with a 1 m³ capacity).

We have some ideas for the furniture in our catalogue and these are listed on each page. But if you have any ideas or furniture you would like to upcycle, please contact us. We cordially invite you to the studio - you can supply this piece of furniture (we can maybe help with transport issues), we will discuss your expectations and we will create a unique object together.

If you do not have furniture but would like to decorate your space you can choose something from our catalog. We can create a product  on special order. A piece of tailored furniture -  just not new, but solid, wood, in a color that will fit with your interior.