Made In Meble, the site of vintage furniture customized by our designers


It started with a few old, wooden furniture we got from grandma ... We decided to use it and integrate it into the home decor. And so in the dining room appeared almost a 100-year-old table from the Abbey in Orval with a set of chairs, in the bedroom old bedside tables after grandparents, a dresser in the living room, etc. It got cozy and original.

Then some orders  from friends who liked the combination and ideas to refresh old furniture came.

Then other orders appeared, and finally an atelier was created.

Now we implement both: our own projects and customer ideas. We help, advise to create something original, personalized from an old furniture. You can choose something from our reserve or provide your own piece of furniture. We can negotiate the prices given and adjust it to your budget.

It is important to create an interior in which we simply feel good, and awakening one's own creativity and participation in such a process gives additional satisfaction 😉